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Three's A'loud

Join the dots

Introducing “Join the Dots”

As kids we love arts and crafts. Most of us are only a few days old when a parent presses our little hands in paint to make a card for grandma. (Personal tip – its best to wait until they sleep otherwise a person can get paint all over the brand-new newborn dress that the same grandma bought for the baby just the previous day – just a hypothetical example.) Painting is generally followed by colouring, cutting, sticking and eventually we move on to colour-by-numbers and join-the-dots…

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Loving like a child

February is one of my favourite months of the year. February is the month that we slowly start recovering after the spending and eating frenzy that was December. February is the month in which my eldest was born and incidentally it is also my own birthday month. February is unique with the whole 28/29 day conundrum and most importantly of all; February is the month of love…

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