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Three's A'loud


About sisters and hugs and buckets of blood

My sister is coming back! After living and working in Botswana with her husband for the past 10 billion years (rounded off to about 30 months) they are returning to our most beautiful South Africa. They have been travelling quite a bit over the last few years and although I am sure it enriched them and helped them grow as a couple I really just want them to come back now and have a boring predictable life staying in one place. Hopefully really close to us. Obviously I am sister of the year…

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Get out!

South Africa is a strange country. We have the clearest rivers, the most beautiful fauna and flora and the bluest skies (apparently scientists have proven that the South African sky is the 2nd bluest sky in the world). Yet a really large percentage of our rainbow nation doesn’t get to see a lot of it. Heart-breakingly, the high walls and electric fencing of our suburbs are a very real part of our lives…

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Introduction to bullet journaling

It is no secret that I like to keep busy. When I am not running our guesthouse I enjoy doing hotel management training. I love being involved in a few different charity projects and then there is also the small matter of getting three kids at the right place at the right time with the right backpack/sports equipment/bribe money. Oh and I also write a little blog…you might have seen it…

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You are not alone

A mom’s life is never easy. Not only does your heart walk around outside your body but often it also tries to run as far away from you as possible. But I have been doing some running of my own and have found that when I return to my starting point (our home) after a 10km morning run (or even just 5) I often feel much better equipped to deal with the daily challenges of motherhood (also I feel less guilty about all the wine)…

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4 Reasons why you should go completely overboard this Christmas

Christmas is here! I will never forget my first Christmas after becoming a parent. I have always been someone who goes big at Christmas time but I never knew pure unadulterated joy until my little girl started opening her Christmas presents that first year. Suddenly the spirit of giving took on a whole new dimension. Kids just make Christmas a thousand times more joyous, a thousand times more cheerful and a thousand times more fun…

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Age old question

They say age is only a number. That you are only as old as you feel. I used to believe that this was true… until I tried doing a cartwheel with my six year old the other day. Here’s a tip: it’s not like riding a bike and I am actually as old as my muscles felt for two days after…

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