Three's A'loud


Kids’ parties are awesome. The crowd of little hooligans on a sugar rush. The half-chewed toffees stuck on everything for days after… what’s not to love? In this column I am looking forward to sharing a little inspiration (“Parentspiration”) and lots of learning-from-my-mistakes with you every month. Because we all have the epic fails when it comes to things we do for our kids, we just don’t share all of it on our Facebook news feed. Prepare for lots of DO'S and more importantly, the DONT'S to help you survive the annual crazyness.

A Hello Kitty birthday party

Normally I am quite a humble person. But not today. Just looking back on the pictures for our eldest daughter’s Hello Kitty birthday party a few years ago, I am reminded that this was one of my finest moments!! Seriously…might be some of my best work ever…

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Teddybear breakfast birthday

When little Amelie turned one, we were living in Vanderbijlpark where we moved shortly before. It was pretty far from most of our friends and family and we really looked forward to having all of them over at our little rented house for this party…

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Market party

Let’s face it. Kids’ birthday parties are a little bit controversial these days. Some argue that it is absolutely ridiculous to have pony rides and live entertainment for a one year old baby that will squash the crazy expensive cake in his face and then fall asleep for the rest of the day…

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Experimenting with a science party

Scientists don’t just accept things without question. They understand that knowledge is important. They drive real progress and seek truth. They are not afraid to think hard, and, most importantly, they always keep their sense of curiosity and wonder. It is no wonder then, that I was delighted when my little princess told me a couple of years ago that she wanted a Science party for her birthday. Here follows my top tips and ideas if you need to know how to organise a science party yourself…

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Spoiling yourself with a spa party

Generally I am a very laid back person but sometimes the OCD kicks in at the strangest of times. When my husband and I got married after 7 years we knew we wanted to start with a family very soon, but I convinced him to wait just a couple of months. You see, I wanted a summer baby. Not to make the first few months with baby easier. Not too ensure I spend most of my pregnancy dressed in classy layers during winter. Nope, I wanted her to have lots of summer birthday parties growing up! Shallow, I know. But I did the math and made sure we only got pregnant when summer was 9 months away…

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Cooking up a chef party

Inspiration comes in many shapes and forms. An ad in a magazine. A particularly pretty tablecloth in Woolworths. I have to admit that I don’t see a movie with the kids anymore without making mental notes of everything that can be translated into a little detail at the next birthday party. With this column I hope to be the sparker of a few ideas for you every month… even if it’s just on things not to do!

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