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Happy women's day

I didn't plan on running today. It is women's day after all. But after a super chilled day with the family, the lazy-peacefulness started feeling like uselessness and I really needed some fresh air. Best thing I could've done. Feel refreshed and exhausted and slightly nauseous now. Sure a hot shower and an ice cold g&t will fix that, though…

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The princess and the frog and salty water

The princess and the frog. The front cover of the novel written by my 8 year old last night. How awesome is that frog…

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Internet dating in the nineties - How did it end?

In my standard eight year (that would be grade 10 for the millennials) my parents bought “The internet” for Christmas. In our minds the internet was just a compilation of every Huisgenoot/You Magazine school project insert that was ever published. Now I wouldn’t have to page through a flip file with magazine pages meticulously collected by my mom and grandma over the past 20 years. I could just type the subject I was looking for into a search bar and voila! The world at my fingertips. Full marks for every school research project from here on out. (Pft, if only it was that easy…)

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Internet dating in the nineties

My eldest is 10 years old this year. And last week a boy at our church came over and asked for her telephone number. Did I mention she is only 10 years old?

Since then they have been talking to each other on whatsapp…

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The story of your birth

Dear Linneke

Today you are 10 years old. 120 months. 3650 days. A whole decade. I am humbled and amazed at the little lady you have become in such a short time.

A decade ago you entered the world and changed our lives completely. It was one of the craziest most memorable days of my life and I have always wanted to tell you about it. I just never knew how. Today, just maybe, you are old enough to hear the truth…

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10 years of love, laughter and wine

The festive season is over! All around us the decorations are going down as we exit a month of non-stop celebrations. Often people complain about all the celebrations saying it’s just a marketing scheme by big business to sell more over the December period, but I think as humans we can never celebrate love and happiness and family enough…

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