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Happy women's day

I didn't plan on running today. It is women's day after all. But after a super chilled day with the family, the lazy-peacefulness started feeling like uselessness and I really needed some fresh air. Best thing I could've done. Feel refreshed and exhausted and slightly nauseous now. Sure a hot shower and an ice cold g&t will fix that, though.

But first, here follows a list of interesting characters I might not have met today if I didn't go for my run:

  1. text2 drunk 16 year old boys walking in the middle of the road and whispering "goeiemiddag tannie" very politely when I passed them.
  2. Our neighbour's gardener asking me why I am not taking women's day off to which I replied that I did.
  3. 3 domestic workers sitting on the pavement in the street where they all work, knitting and giggling. Actually looked like so much fun.
  4. A mom, dad and their 2 daughters cruising the streets on their bicycles. The mom was telling her husband quite loudly where her skipant is chaffing her just as I came around the corner.
  5. Two kids sitting at their front gate yelling at me to run faster, run faster. One was dressed. The other, not so much.

Also got chased by two dogs and at least one person hooted at me. (to me? For me?)

Wish more people would get out of the house on a day like today. As for me, time for that g&t now.

Happy women's day, ladies. Hope you did something today that refreshed, revitalised and even slightly nauseated you.

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