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The princess and the frog and salty water

The princess and the frog. The front cover of the novel written by my 8 year old last night. How awesome is that frog.

I still remember the first story I ever wrote. I was 7 and it was in the back of my math book in my grade 1 class. I was done with my work and started writing. First my teacher was mad but then she read it and smiled. She read it to the rest of the class and told them I was gonna be a writer someday. It made such a huge impression on me that it is one of only 3 days that I remember clearly from that year.

By the way, my story was not about a princess. It was a horror story about a boy who tortured his friends by locking them in a little room and making them drink salt water. In my 7-year-old mind that was the most terrible scary form of torture I could imagine.

I have not become a writer yet. I am a mother, however and my kids know they are under no circumstances allowed to drink water with salt ever.

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