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Teddybear breakfast birthday

When little Amelie turned one, we were living in Vanderbijlpark where we moved shortly before. It was pretty far from most of our friends and family and we really looked forward to having all of them over at our little rented house for this party.

Since some of them already had other responsibilities that afternoon we decided on a breakfast birthday party and of course there had to be teddy-bears involved.

A teddy-bear breakfast party can work beautifully for boys or girls and will probably make little ones up to 4 years happy. Here are a few do’s and don’ts to keep in mind.

Do……feed everyone. We put out a mini buffet including muesli and yoghurt, fresh fruit, toast and scrambled eggs as well as teddy-bear-crumpets. To make teddy-bear crumpets, spoon a dollop of crumpet mixture in a hot pan and then immediately spoon two smaller dollops for the ears. They have to touch the main crumpet which becomes the teddy-bear-head. Serve with butter and golden syrup.

Don't………forget to invite the rest of the toy-chest! We had all sorts of soft toys “playing” in the garden, swinging from trees and peeking at us from behind flowerpots. The kids loved playing “hide and seek” trying to find all the animals.

Do……have some games. We gave the children giant chalk to draw on the pavement and play hopscotch or noughts and crosses. The adults enjoyed it even more…

Don't……forget to have a cause. We had a big toy chest and asked our guests to donate any old baby-things they have. After the party we delivered it all to a local children’s home along with the left-over cake.

Do……have fun! The best thing about an early morning party? By the time the guests go home there is still plenty of time to catch an afternoon nap with the tired little birthday-princess and her teddy-bears.

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