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Procrastination playlist - October 2016

Another week is almost at its end and Christmas is only 73 sleeps away! Celebrate by enjoying some of our favourite things on the WWW this month:

  • CUPCAKES! Need I say more? Feast your eyes on these 15 mind-blowing cupcake ideas. Sugared Brown Butter Vanilla Bean Popcorn Chocolate Cupcakes, anyone??

  • If you have not seen this rainbow pregnancy picture yet, we are here to make sure you don’t miss it or the message behind it. Miscarriage is something so painful and difficult to talk about and yet far too many parents have a story of their own to tell. This mom breaks the silence in the most beautiful way.
  • Looking forward to the kids’ bath time every night? Ha! Me neither. This post from Scary mommy made me laugh out loud.
    “Everyone loves the bubbles. Until they don’t…”
  • So this is still a little hush-hush but I am planning a little celebration for our 10-year wedding anniversary next year. And by “little” I mean “not little at all” Anyway, obviously our 3 adorable little monkeys will be an integral part of this day, and so this article suggesting a few fun ways to incorporate kids quite inspired me. Even if you are not planning a first or a second wedding with kids in the near future, aren’t those pictures just gorgeous?
  • And finally… if you are like me and pretty much figuring out this whole parenting-thing as you go along, these 45 twitter parenting tips might just be your saving grace.

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