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Procrastination playlist - June 2016

It’s Thursday! Only one sleep to the weekend. Drop whatever you are doing and have a look at these beauties:

  • Have you booked your pregnancy photoshoot yet?
    Here is some inspiration! or not…

  • Ten maps that will change your view of the world.
  • I’ve written a few times about teaching our kids to use social media responsibly. The first step in doing that, is knowing the social media options yourself. I always thought Snapchat was a bit dodgy until I read this.
  • If you haven’t seen these parenting hacks already, you should. Now excuse me while I go feed my kids broccoli with sprinkles. Click here for the video.
  • And last but not least for today: working moms! Was your house in as much chaos as mine this morning? We are always rushing and often fighting with the kids to hurry up and then feeling crap about it all day. Make sure you have some privacy if you are watching this in the office because it had me crying my eyes out: Click here.
  • With the year nearing the half-way mark I thought it a good idea to remind ourlseves of this Buzzfeed post about some great things that happened last year. If you look closely you will see these are all rather small things, making a difference in only one or two people's lives. What have you done yet this year to make a difference in one or two people's lives?

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