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My New Year's non-resolutions

I hate January. January is the month that often starts off with a headache and only gets worse from there. January is the month where there are massive post-Christmas sales in every shop but you are totally and completely broke after the temporary insanity that is December. January is the sad depressing month where the tinsel and glitter are replaced by back-to-school pencils. Ugh…

Ooooh wait… back-to-school… I just remembered the silver lining around the dark January-cloud. After weeks of keeping our beautiful little angels entertained twenty four seven, January is the month where I can send them back to the wonderful people so much better qualified not to wring their pretty little necks. Whoo-hoo.

On a more serious note, January is also the month for everyone to break their New Year’s resolutions. Except me. I was too busy playing games with the kids twenty four seven to make any resolutions. However, I did find the time to think about a few things I won’t resolve to do this year. Much more fun that way.

  1. This year we will not eat healthier.

    Seriously. Sometimes I think our entire lives revolve around food. This year I want us to focus less on eating as a habit and more on eating to nourish. I will encourage my girls in particular to have a healthy relationship with their food. I will teach them not to use food as a reward or a comfort. This year there will be no more obsessing over whether Banting is good for kids or not. Less food-trends and more food-common-sense.

  2. This year I will not ensure that my kids reach all their milestones

    I will drag out their childhood as much as I possibly can. I will not correct my 5 year old when she brags about her cer-fiti-cate. I will smile every time, hug her a bit tighter and enjoy the little bits of innocence while I still can. I will do my absolute best to let them continue believing in Santa, the tooth mouse and the fairies in our garden. In fact, I will pick it up a notch! We live in a cruel world where kids are expected to grow up much faster. Not on my watch. The only milestone I will obsess about this year is whether my kids have reached happiness.

  3. This year I will stop worrying about my kids’ education

    Our kids’ education is a constant worry. Are there too many kids in their class? Did we make the right choice to put them in a public school? Are they in the class with the best teacher? This year I will instead focus on the things I can control. Am I teaching them to work hard for what they want to achieve, regardless of their circumstances and challenges? Am I teaching them about dedication and discipline? And, most important of all, am I teaching them about love, loyalty and joy?

  4. This year I will stop telling them to go play outside

    Sending the kids outside often reminds me of the age old “kids must be seen and not be heard” Many a time it’s just a way for adults to get them out from under our feet. This year I will spend less time telling them to “go get some fresh air” and spend more time with them - playing board games, reading books and asking questions. This year I have the intention of rather going to play outside with them.

    And finally, probably most important for my children’s healthy development:

  5. This year I will stop telling the kids that the ice-cream truck jingle means that its ice-cream is finished.

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