Three's A'loud

Meet the family

Susan is a thirty-something mother of three, manager of four and wife of one. She juggles all these responsibilities with her professional interest in red wine. Possibly she juggles all these responsibilities because of her professional interest in red wine.

Susan grew up on a farm in the eastern outskirts of Gauteng in the early eighties as the eldest of 4 children. Her childhood was idyllic with repeat appearances by cute puppies, awesome cousins to play outside with long after dark and hours listening to Bon Jovi, 2 Unlimited and Danie Botha on her walkman.

After high school Susan completed her B.COM degree in Tourism Management at the University of Pretoria and has worked in the hospitality industry ever since. Her passion for travel and tourism has taken her all over the world and all around our beautiful country where she has been fortunate enough to meet some of the most interesting people imaginable. Her passion also brought her true love when she met her husband while she was working at a hotel. They started out as colleagues who soon became best friends and are now accomplices in raising their three children with a love of travel, books, movies and two-minute-noodles for dinner.

The family currently lives in Pretoria where Gerhard is a manager in an award winning hotel. Susan used to be a manager at yet another award winning hotel until she quit her 14-year corporate career to start managing the beautiful guesthouse they bought with all their savings. This investment is sometimes a contributing factor to their tendency to have two-minute noodles for dinner.

Most important of all, they are the proud and slightly bewildered parents of three gorgeous kids. Their eldest daughter is the responsible one. She plays netball and does ballet. She is smart and beautiful and loves arguing with every. Single. Thing. Her mom tells her. Their second daughter is the blue eyed curly-haired tomboy. She can swing higher, climb further and fall harder than any other kid her age. She currently only eats peanut butter sandwiches and rice with milk and sugar. The youngest, their beautiful blue eyed boy, is the only one who never disagrees with anything his parents tell him. Mostly because he doesn’t talk yet. He carries the family name that came over from France right around the time that Jan Van Riebeeck created all our current problems and is going to change the world when he grows up.

Their first child changed their lives. Two children quadrupled their luggage requirements. And three… well, Three's A'loud.

The kids have an idyllic childhood with repeat appearances by cute puppies, awesome cousins to play games with on the ipad and hours listening to the Frozen princesses letting it gooooooo on DVD.

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