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Introducing “parent­spiration”

Kids’ parties are awesome. The crowd of little hooligans on a sugar rush. The half-chewed toffees stuck on everything for days after… what’s not to love?

Every year after the big party I am exhausted and promise myself that we will just take the kids to our favourite local family restaurant next year. They can play and climb and have tons of fun and we will go back to a clean house afterwards. But then a brilliant new movie comes out. Or I see something pretty on Pinterest, and before you can say “keep-your-sticky-hands-off-my-curtains”, I am happily planning the next party. That is why birthdays only come once a year.

Last year I somehow persuaded (blackmailed?) both my girls not to have the 436th and 437th Frozen party that year but to have a Chef-party instead. Mostly because I could not compete with the awesome Frozen-things the other moms (and dads!) had already done, but also because I found this great fabric to make aprons with. And thát is generally how most of my kids’ parties start… with one small idea. A picture on someone’s newsfeed, a serviette in the local Pick ‘n Pay or a billboard on my way to work.

In this column I am looking forward to sharing a little inspiration (“Parentspiration”) and lots of learning-from-my-mistakes with you every month. Because we all have the epic fails when it comes to things we do for our kids, we just don’t share all of it on our Facebook news feed.

Don’t miss the next instalment for more details on that chef-party…

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