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A Hello Kitty birthday party

Normally I am quite a humble person. But not today. Just looking back on the pictures for our eldest daughter’s Hello Kitty birthday party a few years ago, I am reminded that this was one of my finest moments!! Seriously…might be some of my best work ever!

The year that Linneke turned 3, my husband and I were both working at the beautiful Riverside Sun resort next to the Vaal River in Vanderbijlpark. We were allowed to set up her party on the gorgeous green lawns next to the river and had the most beautiful fun afternoon ever. Here are some of my do’s and don’ts.

Don't……forget water safety. First and foremost. If you are by a river or close to an uncovered swimming pool with little ones you cannot take your eyes off them for 1 minute. I cannot stress this enough. This was probably my biggest worry leading up to the party and I was absolutely painful about watching the kids on the day.

Do……start the excitement days before the party by sending proper invites. No one does printed invites anymore! All the moms (myself included) just send a WhatsApp message with a picture to all the other moms telling them when to bring the kids. This simple but beautiful invite inspired me to actually do some printing again for upcoming parties. And if you are printing some invites, you might as well print some puzzles and thank you notes as well!

Don't……try to do it all alone but involve the kids in getting everything ready. We made party buckets and sweet-pots and I can tell you that there will be significantly less sweets left to put in the pots after they help you. We also made Hello Kitty sweety bags to take to school the next day.

Do……make everyone take a picture in the photo booth! We stuck a wooden picture frame on a large piece of hardboard and “hung” some other pictures on this “wall”. Great fun for everyone and a good icebreaker as people are arriving.

Don't……allow the baby on the table. We lost 4 plates and had to reset most of the place settings because madam made it her own personal catwalk.

Do……have your cake and eat it too.

Don't……think that just because there is cake there can’t be dessert too! We gave each guest a cupcake to decorate. The kids loved it. And as often happens with these things…so did the adults.

Do……play, play, play. And then rest.

Don't……forget to enjoy the view.

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