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July 2016 articles

Spoiling yourself with a spa party

Generally I am a very laid back person but sometimes the OCD kicks in at the strangest of times. When my husband and I got married after 7 years we knew we wanted to start with a family very soon, but I convinced him to wait just a couple of months. You see, I wanted a summer baby. Not to make the first few months with baby easier. Not too ensure I spend most of my pregnancy dressed in classy layers during winter. Nope, I wanted her to have lots of summer birthday parties growing up! Shallow, I know. But I did the math and made sure we only got pregnant when summer was 9 months away…

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Don't be an asshole for your cause

Recently I was attending a birthday brunch for a friend at a popular local restaurant. We had a great time and were almost ready to order when the table across from us called the waiter over first. “Excuse me!” a beautifully dressed but slightly overweight woman in her forties demanded all his attention. “I am Banting…”

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