Three's A'loud

January 2018 articles

10 years of love, laughter and wine

The festive season is over! All around us the decorations are going down as we exit a month of non-stop celebrations. Often people complain about all the celebrations saying it’s just a marketing scheme by big business to sell more over the December period, but I think as humans we can never celebrate love and happiness and family enough…

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About sisters and hugs and buckets of blood

My sister is coming back! After living and working in Botswana with her husband for the past 10 billion years (rounded off to about 30 months) they are returning to our most beautiful South Africa. They have been travelling quite a bit over the last few years and although I am sure it enriched them and helped them grow as a couple I really just want them to come back now and have a boring predictable life staying in one place. Hopefully really close to us. Obviously I am sister of the year…

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