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How not to answer awkward questions awkwardly

It came quite out of the blue.

“Mom. Can I ask you something?” my 7-year old princess wanted to know.
“Of course my darling” (a little bit pre-occupied with changing her baby-brother’s gross nappy and wondering what on earth the crèche gave him for lunch today.)
“A boy at school said sex today and then laughed and laughed. What does it mean?”

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When phones become phoney

I still remember getting my first cellphone like it was yesterday. I was 16 years old and in grade 8. It was a magical time. I don’t even mean magical-as-in-I-was-so-happy-to-have-a-phone. I mean magical-as-in-imagine-being-able-to-receive-calls-wherever-you-go-surely-that-is-not-possible. Up until that point I had to stand in line at the boarding school phone-booth to receive one call per week from my almost-boyfriend and two calls per week from my mom. You had to plan your day perfectly so you would reach the front of the queue in time for your call but not too soon, otherwise the other girls get irritated and you lose your spot. It took real dedication…

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Teacher's pet

This month we celebrate International Teacher’s day. Whilst researching this article, I was amused and delighted to find that most professions get an “international day” dedicated especially to them. Did you know that the 30th March was international doctor’s day? There are quite a few days celebrating engineers and there is even an international day for the plumber on the 11th March. And finally, one of my personal favourites, the 14th of April this year was be-kind-to-a-lawyer day! How nice…

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Screening your parents

Outside the sun is shining, but inside the local Pick ‘n Pay, an all too familiar drama is playing out:

  • 7-year-old: “Mom, I want that pink jacket.”
  • Mom: “No my dear, you already have ten billion kazillion pink jackets. Anyway, we are actually here for groceries.”
  • 7-year-old: *tearing up* “I don’t have ten gilli-billion jackets. Janet has that jacket!”
  • *What happens next?*

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Spilling the beans on child nutrition

I am not a perfect mom.

With that confession out of the way, let me share something I overheard the other day in the line, while I was buying pizza for my kids’ dinner. I was waiting for my order and updating my Facebook status to “Preparing a delicious home cooked dinner for my little monkeys”, when I overheard another mom’s phone conversation. I didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but – we are moms: we are trained to listen much closer when others (usually naughty kids) are whispering…

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Give peas a chance

September 21th is International Day of peace. Such an important day to celebrate. World peace is something we all yearn for but to be honest with you I don’t even think that big – I am just happy if there is some semblance of peace in my own home. Getting 3 kids up, dressed, brushed, bashed and off to school is anything but peaceful. Getting them all home, fed, bathed, swathed and off to dreamland even less so. Which is why you can’t really judge me for having a very Afrikaans-blonde moment and Googling “International day of peas” one evening last week when I started researching this article…

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