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Standing out

Coco Chanel said that in order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different. Last month we spoke about ways to help your kids fit in and this week we are continuing the conversation and talking about ways in which we can ensure they stand out…

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Virtually living for real

Early morning stumbling out of bed. Only one thing on my mind: C*A*F*F*E*I*N*E. It’s a beautiful morning outside but first I plonk down in front of my computer. First sip of scalding hot coffee as I open up my browser. I log into News24. “Racism out of hand” it screams is large black letters on a white background. I read the article. Apparently the end is nigh. Everyone hates everyone. We are headed for a major disaster…

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Procrastination playlist - May 2016

Procrastination, according to Wikipedia (because sadly I am not at all sure where my dictionary is) is the avoidance of doing a task which needs to be accomplished. It is the practice of “doing more pleasurable things in place of less pleasurable ones”, or carrying out less urgent tasks instead of more urgent ones, thus putting off impending tasks to a later time…

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Introducing “Join the Dots”

As kids we love arts and crafts. Most of us are only a few days old when a parent presses our little hands in paint to make a card for grandma. (Personal tip – its best to wait until they sleep otherwise a person can get paint all over the brand-new newborn dress that the same grandma bought for the baby just the previous day – just a hypothetical example.) Painting is generally followed by colouring, cutting, sticking and eventually we move on to colour-by-numbers and join-the-dots…

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Introducing “parent­spiration”

Kids’ parties are awesome. The crowd of little hooligans on a sugar rush. The half-chewed toffees stuck on everything for days after… what’s not to love?

Every year after the big party I am exhausted and promise myself that we will just take the kids to our favourite local family restaurant next year. They can play and climb and have tons of fun and we will go back to a clean house afterwards. But then a brilliant new movie comes out. Or I see something pretty on Pinterest, and before you can say “keep-your-sticky-hands-off-my-curtains”, I am happily planning the next party. That is why birthdays only come once a year…

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Fitting in or standing out

First day of school and my nerves are shot. My eldest is moving on to grade two. Not too worried there. Same school, same friends – she will be okay. Her baby brother is moving onto a bigger class in his crèche. Not too worried about him either. Same school, same teacher – he will be okay. The reason I have been lying awake for the past week is all about my 5-year old and her first day in Grade R (the year preceding first grade to my international readers.) She could have attended grade R in her crèche but after weeks of deliberation we decided to send her to the grade R class in the school she will be starting grade 1 next year. A real school, not a crèche. All grown up. No nap time…

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