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Procrastination playlist - August 2016

Time to take a break and see what the big bad virtual world has to offer today…

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Respectfully disrespectful

If you go back through my monthly articles, you will find I have a big problem with people judging other people’s parenting beliefs.

But today I feel the need to throw a spanner in the works.

I find myself being so tolerant and open-minded that I am hesitant to state my own case. I am careful to like a pro-breastfeeding picture in case I offend a mom who formula feeds. I am scared to share my own birth story in case a C-section mom somewhere feels offended. The thing is, we cannot live like that. We need to learn to stand up for what we believe in without judging those who believe in something else…

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Spoiling yourself with a spa party

Generally I am a very laid back person but sometimes the OCD kicks in at the strangest of times. When my husband and I got married after 7 years we knew we wanted to start with a family very soon, but I convinced him to wait just a couple of months. You see, I wanted a summer baby. Not to make the first few months with baby easier. Not too ensure I spend most of my pregnancy dressed in classy layers during winter. Nope, I wanted her to have lots of summer birthday parties growing up! Shallow, I know. But I did the math and made sure we only got pregnant when summer was 9 months away…

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Don't be an asshole for your cause

Recently I was attending a birthday brunch for a friend at a popular local restaurant. We had a great time and were almost ready to order when the table across from us called the waiter over first. “Excuse me!” a beautifully dressed but slightly overweight woman in her forties demanded all his attention. “I am Banting…”

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Procrastination playlist - June 2016

It’s Thursday! Only one sleep to the weekend. Drop whatever you are doing and have a look at these beauties…

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Cooking up a chef party

Inspiration comes in many shapes and forms. An ad in a magazine. A particularly pretty tablecloth in Woolworths. I have to admit that I don’t see a movie with the kids anymore without making mental notes of everything that can be translated into a little detail at the next birthday party. With this column I hope to be the sparker of a few ideas for you every month… even if it’s just on things not to do!

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