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You are not alone

A mom’s life is never easy. Not only does your heart walk around outside your body but often it also tries to run as far away from you as possible. But I have been doing some running of my own and have found that when I return to my starting point (our home) after a 10km morning run (or even just 5) I often feel much better equipped to deal with the daily challenges of motherhood (also I feel less guilty about all the wine)…

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The last firsts

They say that “it is not what you do for your children but what you have taught them to do for themselves.”

I first fell pregnant at 25 and was excited and eager to teach my children independence and have them excel at everything they do in life. Then my little girl was born and the first few years of the journey with her has honestly been one of discovery, wonder and complete and utter panic…

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Teddybear breakfast birthday

When little Amelie turned one, we were living in Vanderbijlpark where we moved shortly before. It was pretty far from most of our friends and family and we really looked forward to having all of them over at our little rented house for this party…

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Procrastination playlist - December 2016

Only a couple of days until Christmas and to get you in the Christmas spirit, here are a few gems on the WWW this month…

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4 Reasons why you should go completely overboard this Christmas

Christmas is here! I will never forget my first Christmas after becoming a parent. I have always been someone who goes big at Christmas time but I never knew pure unadulterated joy until my little girl started opening her Christmas presents that first year. Suddenly the spirit of giving took on a whole new dimension. Kids just make Christmas a thousand times more joyous, a thousand times more cheerful and a thousand times more fun…

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Lukewarm parenting

“Never waver! Be strong! Don’t hesitate to stand up for what you believe in. As a parent you have to teach your children the difference between RIGHT and WRONG.”

But not today. Today I applaud lukewarm parents.
I want to honour the average.
Congratulate the common.
Sing the praises of the standard.
Run of the mill.

Everyday I see mom’s annihilate each other on social media and in the real world because their views are scalding hot or ice cold on a certain topic. Let’s just stop. Here are 4 parenting topics about which we can all just calm the duck down and have a lukewarm point of view…

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