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Top tips for travelling when you are older - Part 3

  • “Let’s go camping this weekend.” my husband said one day about 2 years ago. “The kids will love it.”
  • “Okay, that will be great.” I replied. “But hey, let’s also start planning a trip to Machu Picchu. Without the kids.”
  • He looked at me.
  • I looked at him.
  • He looked at my wine.
  • I looked at my wine.
  • I drank some more of my wine.
  • This is how our epic trip to Rio and Peru started…

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Top tips for travelling when you are older - Part 2

When we returned to South Africa from our travels as young adults, a family member asked if we didn’t regret spending so much money on tours and excursions while we were overseas. “Surely” this person said “you are devastated that you didn’t save that money to put down on a home-loan or a vehicle-instalment.”

“The only thing we regret,” my husband replied, “is that we didn’t spend twice as much on travelling while we had the chance…”

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Top tips for travelling when you are older - Part 1

“The world is a book and those that don’t travel read only one page.”
- St Augustine

So let me start off by clarifying the title of this post. My husband and I recently went on a wonderful trip to Brazil and Peru. It might have been our first trip in a long time but we are not old. This is not a post for old people. However, we are slightly older than the last time we got on an international flight. 12 years older to be exact. And I was really surprised at how much we have changed…

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A Hello Kitty birthday party

Normally I am quite a humble person. But not today. Just looking back on the pictures for our eldest daughter’s Hello Kitty birthday party a few years ago, I am reminded that this was one of my finest moments!! Seriously…might be some of my best work ever…

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The story of your birth

Dear Linneke

Today you are 10 years old. 120 months. 3650 days. A whole decade. I am humbled and amazed at the little lady you have become in such a short time.

A decade ago you entered the world and changed our lives completely. It was one of the craziest most memorable days of my life and I have always wanted to tell you about it. I just never knew how. Today, just maybe, you are old enough to hear the truth…

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10 years of love, laughter and wine

The festive season is over! All around us the decorations are going down as we exit a month of non-stop celebrations. Often people complain about all the celebrations saying it’s just a marketing scheme by big business to sell more over the December period, but I think as humans we can never celebrate love and happiness and family enough…

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